Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Frithjof Bergmann's Blog SERIES ON: New Economy, New Work, New Life - No. 2

Seven or eight Calamities, or Disasters, or Tsunamis, or Biblical Plagues are close to crashing down on us. But at least as important: possible now is also an ASCENT, a Rising Upwards, the climb to a higher, more intelligent, more human, more cheerful next chapter in the human story. That is the fundamental Either/Or of our time.

Anything merely cosmetic is not enough. We must devise something that will engage the vast majority of humankind, that will bring into action not just a marginal small group which will eat less meat, or will do more recycling, or will use less electricity -- but a plan, a goal, a vision that will make sense and will appeal to the overwhelming majority of people on the planet that abhor and hate and loath the current system. (Very much including the people of India and of Africa, where I am at this moment)

Therefore, a radically New Economy is just Part I. Other Parts must be a new System of Work. Why? -- Because the now domineering “Job-System” is the root cause of all the other calamities that threaten to engulf us. The “Job-System” coerces us into the rat-race of economic growth and therefore into the squandering of resources, and therefore into the sinking ever deeper into national debts, and therefore into the heating of the earth, and on and on.

If that is Part II, it in turn makes possible Part III: The Ascent upwards towards a New Life.

No 3. In Series very soon.



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