Monday, March 19, 2012


New Economy, New Work, New Culture

A massive and variegated array of recently discovered new technologies allows the ascent to a radically New Economy, which will no longer manufacture in gigantic factories, but instead in “small rooms.” This economy will be local, decentralized, in many respects rural, incomparably more sustainable, and oriented towards the manufacturing of products that serve authentic and genuine human needs. A dramatically new organization of work can be developed on the basis of this New Economy: 10 hours a week will be High-Tech- Self-Providing Work, 10 hours a week will be Job-Work in New Work Enterprises, and 20 hours a week will be Work that one really wants to do. High-Tech-Self-providing comprises a range of productive activities from the raising of food (Permaculture, Vertical Agriculture, fishponds, etc.) to the self-building of the dwellings for one’s life, to the self-generation of electricity to the small space manufacturing of appliances and also of a large spectrum of electric means of transportation. Examples of New Work Enterprises are the making and distribution of Eco-cement, the small room manufacturing of Air-conditioners, and the small-room manufacturing of electric Motor Cycles. Work that one really wants to do increases one’s strength, gives meaning to one’s life, and moves one beyond the passive observing of life into the full and to the hilt real living of it. Nothing less than the transformation into this new organization of work and the attendant generation of a New Culture will solve the global problems of the depletion of our resources, and of the degradation of the nature in which we live. The new start we need requires a New Economy, New Work, and a New Culture.