Monday, April 11, 2011

Frithjof Bergmann's Blog New Work North Africa

During the last few weeks I have tried to establish some first connections between the groups that initiated the North African Revolutions and New Work. What I have been doing is extraordinarily plain: in various ways I have collected relevant E-mail addresses and in the process of some back and forth exchange I proposed that I would come for a two or three day visit to Cairo or to wherever the person I was writing to suggested. I explained that the sole condition from my side would be that a handful of people – between 8 and 12 – would commit themselves to engage with me in extended conversations during those two or three days. The flight and the rest I would pay for by myself. The purpose is to explore whether there is any conceivable way in which New Work could be of use in the coming stages of these world-altering liberations. The purpose of my posting this both in my blog and in Facebook is to invite any and all of you to send me further addresses, or to assist in any other way that your imagination whispers to you.