Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Frithjof Bergmann's Blog Note 1

Rub your eyes! Take one look at where we are! North Africa in Revolution, Uprisings in Greece, and Italy and Barcelona, USA downgraded as a dubious risk – 80% of the population of the planet “Desert-people” – not socially weak, not poor, not unemployed – but “Desert-people” and 20% “Oasis-people”. And the climate, and the waste of resources, and the burning down of the last remnants of the tokens of equality.

Draw from this a very first, obvious conclusion. Dabbing, small, cosmetic changes are not just “too little,” they are dangerous, they piss away precious time – like taking Aspirin instead of facing that you have got Aids. What we need is not here and there the turning of a trivial wheel. We need to stop and think and devise a plan that is adequate to the immense magnitude and the galloping speed of the situation. What we need is major, major: is a new start, a new beginning.

It is the building of a second, supplementary, radically different economy – one for the soon 90% of desert people, based on the highest, the best, the most advanced technologies.


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