Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March 2007 - List of upcoming travels, meetings and speeches

March 2007

03/21 Salzburg "Die Arbeit der Zukunft"

03/22 Schlierbach @ SPES Seminar Centre, 4553 Schlierbach, Panoramaweg 1
Tel. o7582 82123 Gertraud Wrba
Project Group "New Work - New Culture Upper Austria"
Workshop on Initiation of Projects in Upper Austria

03 /24 Meeting with Wilhemine Raimann, Hilmar Simon and Rosalind Honig (Interim Board of New Work - New Culture Germany) in Germany near Heidelberg

03/26 Berlin: Meeting with Stefan Wogava, left party

03/29 Potsdam: Meeting with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Fundus project (Rosalind Honig)

03/30 (tentatively) meeting in Hamburg with Gerd Neuner and New Work Kiel
or (possibly) Berlin Innovation Circle, Catholic Academy Berlin Mitte, Hannoversche Strasse 5 (listening to a speech by M. v. Hermanni and engage in discussion)

04/01 Flight to Detroit

welcome everybody

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